Friday, July 15, 2011

NEW Evil Angel FORUMS!

Got something to say? We want to hear it, all of it! Give it to us!!!... well some of it.
Thank You Brooklynrage!

Evil Angel Forums

Just sign up for and then go to the above link, send us a little post so we can find you easier to have invite you to our little slice of paradise.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guild Contest!!! Web Site Addict!!!

To Promote our Web Site and make our members aware of it Fearus *aka Zatarra* has come up with a drawing!

July 12th - July 19th

Do you have itchy fingers? Can you deny yourself the feel of gold jingling in your pocket? We hope not! All you have to do for this weekly contest is post! Just comment on this posting for the length of the contest. On Monday July 19th after the server goes nightie night we will compile little bits of paper with the appropriate number of post for each member. We will put all of your papers in a Batter Jungle Hat and draw two names!


250G will be awarded to the first name drawn.
150G will be awarded to the second name drawn.

So the more times you post the more chances you get! But it only counts for 1 post per day for each individual member!

Make sure we know who you are when you post. Only use the name of your MAIN toon in the guild no Alt names. Take the time to tell us how the site is coming along and what you would like to see added. Catt tries to keep up with every bit of news in the guild but bear with her, sometimes you guys just go achievement crazy!

Good Luck!

Terokkar Forest gets Owned!

Congrats go out to: Maximboraf, HumanTorch, Fearus, and Cattallie!\
To bad no Mount dropped.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

One busy night...

Congrats on knocking these out guildies! Thanks to Fearus, Sincara, Cattallie, and Humantorch.

Yay! Our 1st PVP Achievment! Thanks to Fearus and HumanTorch!